Deep Voice Mastery

Any man would want to develop a deeper voice. For men, having a high-pitched voice can be a traumatic experience because they believe that nobody will take you seriously if your voice is as squeaky as that of Mickey Mouse. They believe that having a deep and resonant voice is one major factor in landing a better job and even landing the girl of their dreams.

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Keep in mind that your throat and your vocal cords play significant roles in controlling the sound of your voice. Therefore, in order to change the sound of your voice, it is necessary to focus your attention on a few basic exercises that will help you to manipulate your throat and your vocal cords into producing the type of voice you want to have.

One exercise you can do is to say the words “Bing-Bong”, “Ding-Dong”, and “King-Kong” slowly and clearly. You have to sustain the final “ng” sound for as long as you can, and gradually deepen your voice with each repetition. Do this exercise three times per day for around a week. After the first week, do the same exercise with your head facing upwards in order to stretch your vocal cords. Remember to do this only twice a day so as not to damage your voice.

Another exercise is to hum along to a catchy tune. Also, surprising as it may seem, you can try singing along to heavy-metal records with all the screams and growls that go along with them. But just as always, do not overdo it. You only want a deeper voice, not a damaged one.

Aside from these voice deepening exercises, you should also learn to speak from your diaphragm, and maintain a good posture by keeping your head straight up and your chin forward when you speak.

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